The Initiator

Andy Leemann
Switzerland, expedition leader.
Andy is a traveller, sailor, boat racer and explorer. After spending many years on sea, Andy decided to settle in Majorca, where he has a business of boating equipments.
While a boat race in South America, he got exposed to rivers and people living on rivers. Ever since, he has organized and lead river expeditions on major rivers across the world.

The company Rib Expedition & Adventure, founded in the beginning of 2004, is based in Palma de Majorca. CEO is Andy Leemann who successfully runs various ship chandleries on the island and now brings his expertise to this new organization. Andy Leemann, born in 1954, is an archetype of a traveller and sportsman. Typical for a fellow from Switzerland, he started off with extended ski- and climbing tours. But soon he discovered watersports and learned how to handle boats even under challenging conditions. In his early 20s, he bought himself an old Volkswagen van and travelled from Switzerland all the way down to South Africa where he worked and lived for one year. Another year he spent travelling in South America (Patagonia, the Andes, Amazon and Napo Rivers, just to name a few of the places visited). Extended travels in Southeast Asia, Polynesia/Pacific and trips through Northern America (West to East and from the Mississippi upwards to the Canadian border) followed. Apart from land travelling he has many years of experience as a professional cruising and racing skipper on traditional as well as modern sailing vessels and accomplished more than 100.000 nautical miles. In 1996 friends introduced him to his first Rib-Tour using a six metre inflatable. They travelled along the pacific coast from Costa Rica to Panama poking into all the little rivers and creeks along the way. "That trip got me infected", he says today. "Even for somebody like me who had been exploring the world for years on land and on water, this trip was a revelation. Suddenly a whole new world of possibilities opened up. From then on I have been concentrating on rivers and their systems, on the idea of taking one or two ribs and explore places well off the beaten track, on the possibility to enter into nearly unknown or almost forgotten territories."


The Team

Guests join us on all our trips and we are travelling with a varying group of journalists and other specialists/scientists. Local guides come on board wherever passages are especially tricky or where we are looking for that extra bit of local insight. Not to forget the mostly invisible but indispensable support team that follows us on land. But most important is the experienced core team participating in all our expeditions. Here is a brief introduction of its members: Andy Leemann, the initiator.

Apal Singh
India, co-expedition leader and cameraman.
Apal's first boating experience was while shooting Zambezi expedition for a BBC film. It was enough for him to get hooked, and he has been a regular ever since. He has been looking after logistics of all the expeditions in India.
When he is not exploring rivers with Andy, Apal is a freelance cameraperson, based in Nainital.
He has shot over 50 documentaries and several feature films.
Armin Schoch
Armin lives in Thailand since 30 years and is a tourism expert for Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
He runs his own tour company in Chiang Mai and is involved in several other companies in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Armin was the logistics expert for the Mekong RIB Expedition in 2005.
In his spare time, he loves to explore the remotest areas of Southeast Asia by motorcycle, 4WD vehicle or boat.
Klaus Kranewitter
Miguel Caballero is an artist, musician, designer and programmer.
Founder of the company KUBACK STUDIO in 2006. He is in charge of the online coverage of the expeditions, as well as the corporate image and the official website of RIBEX WORLD WIDE EXPEDITIONS
Miguel Caballero
Spain, online coverage.
Miguel Caballero is an artist, musician, designer and programmer. Founder of the company KUBACK STUDIO in 2006.
He is in charge of the online coverage of the expeditions, as well as the corporate image and the official website of RIBEX WORLD WIDE EXPEDITIONS.

What we Offer

The exploration of the giant river systems of Asia, Africa and Latin America is one of the last big adventures on earth. In a world that is running out of "classical" adventures, river expeditions are the response to the individual`s desire to find uniqueness, unlimited horizons and special and lasting experiences. The objective of Rib Expedition & Adventure is the worldwide organization and realization of river expeditions with rigid inflatable boats, so called ribs. The expeditions lead into regions and rivers where navigation with regular vessels is impossible. The initial expeditions will be carried out by a small and experienced core team including some journalists (film, photo, print) who will document the trip. Subsequently their accounts will be published through all appropriate media channels. In addition to the core team of professionals, two or three guests may join this trip. After the first exploration follow-up expeditions are planned with a greater number of participants. The trips planned have their roots in historical undertakings. They mirror the expeditions dared by 18th century explorers and lead into the deep jungle and untouched regions which have remained almost unchanged since the days of pioneering.

The Ribs

The abbreviation "RIB" stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat. Ribs are extremly strong and stable inflatables with a hard fibreglass bottom. Tried and tested by professionals, e.g. in coast guard and military service or as expedition boats, they become more and more popular for recreational purposes. Consequently, the rib industry is among the fastest growing segments of the boating industry. The advantages: As compared to other boats, ribs have a rather low price, relatively little weight and are very easy to transport. They are robust, fast, reliable and safe (unsinkable). Their manoeuvrability and little draught allow their deployment in extremely difficult and shallow waters. The expedition boats are about 4 to 9 metres in length. In accordance with the specific needs they have either strong diesel engines with jet propulsion or state-of-the-art outboard engines. They are fully equipped to function as expedition ribs.