January 30
Getting organized for loading the two Boats
January 29
Punta Arenas arriving
January 28
A super Run to Punta Arenas
January 27
Well Done Cape Horniers!
January 26
Cape Horn
January 25
Reaching Puerto Williams
January 24
Punta Arenas - Magellan Street - Beagle Channel
January 22
Rushing out of Punta Arenas
January 21
Whales! For minutes they swam next to us
January 20
Cape Horn: Graveyard of Ships
January 19
Sightseeing Torres de Paine
January 18
Look at this glacier! The ice is 1 million years old.
January 17
Reaching Puerto Natales
January 16
Human beings? No one here.
January 15
Reaching Puerto Eden
January 14
On the glacier Jorge-Montt
January 12
Suffering in the Gulf of Penas and camping in the wild
January 11
A walk through Puerto Aguirre
January 9
We made our first 176 nm!
January 8
Off we go!
January 7
Port Montt from Above
January 6
A beautiful starting point for our End Of The World Expedition
January 5
Our boats have arrived!