A day to day look of the expedition, through the eyes and the pen of Andy Leemann.
Andy Leemann
Travel Diary
Since the preparations for the begining of the expedition on September 9th until its conclusion on October 17th.
A visual travel journal with over 400 photographs that have managed to capture the magic of every moment of the trip.
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The Espedition day to day
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Andy Leemann  /  Kranewitter Klaus  /  Lisa Roosli  /  Patrick Fahey Leo  /  Apal  / Klause  / Zorba Z. Laloo  /  Jaja  /  Afzal Beg
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Media coverage for the 2009 Ganges Expedition.
Press Coverage
Letter of thanks to everyone who made possible the realization of the expedition.
Andy Leemann
1. Living Ganga
2. The River
3. The Project
4. Route Planning
5. Edmund Hillary
6. Photo Gallery
7. Backround Information

Preparing the Expedition
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